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Case Study

Embedding DevOps Culture
in the World's Weather Intelligence Platform

How we formed a DevOps process & continuous delivery that guarantee success

The Client

Name: ClimaCell
Industry: Weather Intelligence
Type of Service: Managed

ClimaCell provides weather solutions all over the globe via API, via B2B applications, and also B2C apps. On top of weather, ClimaCell also supplies an "insights" mechanism which allows businesses to ingest their business-weather-logic into their system, and get dashboarding and alerts on events directly impact on the business.

Infrascturcture Hardening


Managed Service

The Story

When the ClimaCell TLV office was established, they were a highly motivated group of engineers that understood the importance of DevOps & DevOps culture. However, the team wasn't familiar with the tools and craft to apply these methodologies. 
At this point, the product was already live and the company was generating revenues, but was suffering from poor infrastructures which they knew that at some point would have to be built from scratch. The team needed a fast and efficient solution without wasting valuable time on training and recruiting.

"In order to be fast and efficient with high quality, we needed strong DevOps methodology and tools. While we didn't succeed in recruiting internal DevOps, we reached out to Benyamin to help us".

Noam Zweig, ClimaCell, System Architect. 

The Challenge

Rebuilding the infrastructure while the product is live and active is always risky and must be done in a monitored gradual workflow. The challenges at hand were:

Full Redesign to ensure scale - Rebuilding the entire infrastructure to support ClimaCell's scale and business goals.

Establishing a strong DevOps processes and framework - as mentioned previously, part of the challenge was to embed DevOps philosophies and practices into ClimaCell’s workflow.

The Solution

Since ClimaCell product was already active and was suffering from infrastructure issues, Ops Labs began with an immediate optimization & better handling of operational infrastructures and DB maintenance.

In parallel, to conduct a full redesign process Ops Labs began with a research on the existing ecosystem development workflow, taking into consideration future services that would be added to the product & other business goals.

The services Ops Labs provided, allowed ClimaCell a quick and easy product delivery process. Ops Labs’ implementation gave ClimaCell’s R&D a fast & efficient integration of their code, test cycles and safe deployments to production.


Moreover, The Infrastructure Redesign increased the pace of feature release dramatically. Thanks to Ops Labs, the ClimaCell team was able to release several features and bug fixes a day.

Benyamin and the team have granted ClimaCell the ability to release code changes at any time, with high level of trust from the organization, whereas before the process, releases were controlled and suspiciously monitored.

Noam Zweig
ClimaCell, System Architect.

“The consulting company is led by Benyamin.
Benyamin is a highly skilled, professional and resourceful person. He swiftly produces solutions that fit the customer, in high quality and in time.
He is friendly, and very easy to communicate and collaborate with. Brings lots of experience, and good attitude. His success is also his trouble as he is very loaded :)
I had the pleasure of working with him, and I highly recommend you all to do the same.” 

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