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Case Study

Finalizing a new production environment on GCP with full PCI-DSS compliance

How we help ChargeAfter by outstaffing the DevOps workforce and management 

The Client

Name: ChargeAfter
Industry: Fintech
Type of Service: Outstaffing
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ChargeAfter is the first financing network that enables instant consumer credit at the moment of sale that works for consumers, merchants, and lenders. ChargeAfter’s network offers integrations for lender partners to increase their customer base and compete while expanding into new retail markets through streamlining the distribution of credit into online and in-store point of sale financing.

PCI-DSS compliance



The Story

Like many successful companies, ChargeAfter, a cutting-edge financing platform, was looking to “level-up” their product delivery & DevOps workflows. With offices around the world and millions of active users on their platform, it was clear that embedding new methodologies and executing new DevOps execution must be handled with extra care. 

The Challenge

When OpsLabs stepped into the picture, ChargeAfter had no dedicated DevOps methodology or resources. The DevOps practises that were used in ChargeAfter’s R&D were satisfying to a certain extent but lacked consistency and ownership.

Lack of DevOps leadership & documentation – ChargeAfter’s engineers were doing DevOps as a secondary task to their primer job. That left many question marks on what was done prior to Ops Labs.

Wisely, ChargeAfter reached out to Benyamin, and with their team they’ve begun a process to set up DevOps culture and best practices.

The Solution

ChargeAfter needed a DevOps owner to reorder what was done up until then. In addition, they also needed someone to steer the ship and take over DevOps domains.


Benyamin suggested outstaffing, assigning an Ops Labs’ dedicated engineer to work with ChargeAfter’s team as part of their organization. This grants the R&D department with full support and access to knowledge without having to hire, train and or oversee human resources. 


Since then, Ops Labs’ professional has been collaborating with the team working as a one unit, quickly picking up pieces that were done before by ChargeAfter’s engineers, moving on to establishing a vision for the main workflows, taking into consideration business objectives and product needs. 


The first project that Ops Labs took with ChargeAfter was actually a finalization of a new production environment on GCP, with full PCI-DSS compliance as well as migrating to it.


The Outcome

The collaboration was smooth and seamless (in terms of time management). The practises Ops Labs granted ChargeAfter led to:

  • Faster pipelines. 

  • Optimized development processes. 

  • Reduced costs for unnecessary resources. 

Till this day, Ops Labs are providing ChargeAfter with their entire DevOps work force and management. 

Pablo Frejlich
ChargeAfter, Chief Architect

“Ops Labs is the best thing that will ever happen to your business, DevOps-wise. The level of professionalism, know-how, responsiveness and quality of results go way beyond expectations. Hiring their services provides an experience like moving from on-premise to AWS, from MongoDB running on your laptop to Atlas. All moving parts are taken care of. You get the end results without going through the hassle of assembling the team, researching or the usual trial and error until you get it right.”

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