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Leading The Way In Your Cloud Journey

We deliver outstanding automated proccesses that help businesses to focus on their product's growth rather than on its maintainance. 

Our Story 

OPS LABS provides Cloud Solutions and DevOps Services to cutting edge technological startups, SMEs and corporations since 2015. Our team of 30+ engineers work hand-in-hand with our clients, architecting, designing and implementing cloud technologies and advancements, DevOps methodologies and practices, FinOps and Security, allowing our clients to focus on their business while we do what we do best.


AWS Consulting Partnership 

We are proud advanced partners of Amazon Web Services, and equally proud about being Google Cloud Platform and Azure experts.

Why Us? 


When you choose our managed services, you will be working with DevOps engineers of the highest degree, ability and skill. 

Collaborative Knowledge 

Outstaffing means outstanding. When facing a challenge, our staff members team up instead of wasting your precious time. 


With our extensive cloud management experience, we ensure your team is well-educated on best practices and guiding principals. 

Image by Vladimir Anikeev

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We'd love to hear from you. 

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