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Ops Labs can help your organization to adopt the latest technologies, scale your volumes, and reduce costs. We provide a wide range of services, from consulting to outstaffing and hands-on management.

Kubernetes & Containers 

Ops Labs is a one stop shop for container orchestration. We have worked with numerous companies on Containers and Kubernetes projects, deploying the current industry standards on all major platforms: AWS, GCP, Azure, VMware and good old bare metal. You need an optimal resource usage and shortened development lifecycles - We'll make that happen. 

Infrastructure as Code

Your developers need to be familiar with your infrastructure to some degree. Your systems will be better if they do. IAC (Infrastructure as Code) is the answer and the standard.
At Ops Labs, we believe that having multiple, reliable and robust environments is crucial. We can apply IAC on any cloud or system, and save your time and money wasted on manual server provisioning, configurations and deployments.

Monitoring & Observability 

We know how crucial performance and operations are. Production errors, service downtime, unexplained long responses and many other strange behaviors should be mostly prevented by a proper and smart utilization of logging and monitoring systems. Our team can help you obtain these levels of observability, be the bird-eye view of your entire system or the deep dark places where all the special errors live. We'll get your metrics, build your dashboards, plan your alerts, and add some auto healing mechanisms.

Cloud Cost Optimization 

Cloud is awesome. You can spin-up a 1000 servers in a minute. But what about the monthly bill? Resources could exceed your earnings unless you constantly monitor and make adjustments: instance per hour or per minute? What about your data, storage volumes and associated resources? We know how complicated it could be, And even if you get it - you still need someone to spend a lot of time on it. We can help. 

DevOps Services

Choosing our services means that your infrastructure is in the right hands. Our highly skilled DevOps engineers will commit themselves to design, develop, deploy and maintain your CI/CD pipelines, ensuring efficiency and agility in your product's lifecycle. We will match the proper set of tools to your needs, so that your environment remains reliable and maintainable, and your developers remain happy and effective over time.

Multi-Cloud Solutions

AWS, Azure & GCP: each one has its own unique powers. We'd be happy to help you to exploit the cloud solution that fits your project, or customize a hybrid package to get the best of all worlds. Our team will design your ideal cloud architecture, implement it accordingly, and finally educate your team on best practices and guiding principles for an overall successful cloud journey. 

Managed Services

We have a proven track record in numerous projects, distributing end-to-end solutions such as multi-cloud architectures, load balancing, auto-scaling, and day-to-day operations. With Ops Labs, you will be in good hands. 


Our team of experts has real life experience with so many technological solutions that you are probably working with or heard about. If we don't know something, we'll tell you about it, and you'll decide if you want us to give a try anyway.


We can mentor your team to do it the right way. From planning through execution to optimizations; Ops Labs are your go-to-guys when it comes to cloud, distributed and micro services oriented technologies. 

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