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Case Study

Safeguarding Those Who Keep Us Safe

How we helped Coronet Cyber Security with security and cyber profiling and infrastructure hardening on AWS

The Client

Name: Coronet Cyber Security
Industry: Cyber Security
Type of Service: Professional Services & Consulting
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Coronet provides data breach protection for businesses that use the cloud by serving as another layer of security for users, devices and the most popular SaaS applications. All in a single award-winning platform. 

Infrascturcture Hardening


Cyber Profiling

The Story

When Coronet Cyber Security reached out to Ops Labs, their platform was in its mid-phase. It’s at this stage where many innovation companies face the challenge of growing their business to answer their client’s expectations and balancing the human resources & time to ensure a “healthy” gradual growth. 

The Challenge

Coronet’s mission is “to become the world leader in providing organizations of every size with out-of-premises security for their cloud applications”
The Coronet Cyber Security team was at the verge of collaborating with a partner that had specific security requirements. Moreover, this project was in a new vertical of business which required the team to dedicate some time into research and studying the subtleties of this field. 

The Coronet Cyber Security R&D team knew that in order to meet the expected deadline without stretching or compromising the quality of their solution, they needed a hands-on reliable consultant that could guarantee knowledge-sharing within the team & fast delivery of tasks.


The Solution

Ops Labs' team began with researching and analyzing the Coronet’s client demands, as well as their field of business. In the discovery & research phase, Ops Labs focuses not just on the “How?” but also questions the “Why?”. The research resulted in a gap analysis, comparing what must be added to Coronet's security to support the new partnership. Furthermore, Benyamin conducted a full development plan that’s aligned with the client’s security standard.

Next steps:


  • Setting up a security enhanced environment on Amazon Web Services.

  • CI/CD pipelines development - with IAC deployments on EC2 and other AWS services.

  • Full security audit, including AWS tooling enablement (Config, CloudTrail).

Ops Labs didn’t just deliver and forget. Instead, they educated and introduced the Coronet team with the practices and technologies they granted them with.

Image by Zbynek Burival

The Outcome

Thanks to the collaboration with Ops Labs, Coronet Cyber Security successfully met their client’s requirements in an outstanding delivery time. The execution led by Benyamin’s dedicated team had zero downtime and top-notch security, cyber profiling and infrastructure hardening. 

Asia (Vagner) Salner
Coronet Cyber Security, Head of DevOps & Automation

"Ops Labs isn’t your ordinary consultancy company, it’s a reliable team of professionals who come up with tailored business solutions. Benyamin offers collaboration and maintains a great relationship throughout the process. Till this day, whenever we need consultancy on our products’ infrastructures and we’re uncertain on a new implementation, we always reach out to him."

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