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Case Study

Establishing A Risk
Management Platform for CISOs

How we planned and executed a scalable unparalleled
Cyber Security Infrastructures

The Client

Name: Boardish
Industry: Cyber Security
Type of Service: Managed

Boardish grants the Executive Management Board a transparent overview of the financial impact from Cyber Risks to enable decision-makers to make data-driven decisions. With Boardish, you can maintain security posture, improve responsiveness, risk mitigation, and start conversations about Cyber Security at board level that everyone understands.






Managed Service

The Story

When Eli, Boardish's founder, appointed Ops Labs, he was looking for more than Outsourcing or DevOps Consultancy. At this initial stage, Eli had a business plan and a vision to create a Cyber Security Platform that bridges the gap between IT & Board members, allowing C level and Executive Management Stakeholders to understand complex Cyber Security quantifications and their impact on the business.

The Challenge

This project requires a reliable partnership and a collaborative relationship. To help Eli meet his goals and build a product from the ground up, Ops Labs began with a research and 
workflow-planning process:

At the beginning, Boardish was lacking a clear development plan. At that point, Ops Labs began breaking down Eli's business plan into specifications, without compromising on the expected time to market, proper technologies, and
strategic matters.

End-to-End Execution: Ops Labs planned the Development Workflow, designed the Architecture and implemented the Infrastructure, ensuring capability to scale and optimized cloud costs.

The Solution

As mentioned before, Boardish were looking for R&D and DevOps experts to own and manage the entire Development Operation Process with a shared understanding of the responsibility for the product's delivery. Ops Labs professionals began with establishing an Agile Workflow. Next step was crafting a tailored solution to support Eli's vision:

  • Microservices architecture.


  • Outlining the infrastructure.


  • Setting up a Multi-Regional Environment on Amazon Web Services.


  • Development of the entire web application.


  • CI/CD pipelines Development - with IAC deployments for production grade Kubernetes clusters (using EKS).


  • Deployment of containerized services to ensure effective resource allocation.

Ops Labs provided an End-to-End technological solution, that includes Devops, Server and Client Development, allowing Eli and his team to focus on growing their business.
Just like Boarish's product, Ops Labs’ Managed Services encourage full transparency and responsiveness across development operations and clients.


The Outcome

Thanks to the successful collaboration with Ops Labs, Boardish is now a fully functioning live product with optimized cloud costs. Boardish is trusted by 150 organisations, and ready to scale up.

Eli Migdal.jpg
Eli Migdal
Boardish, Co-Founder.

We are 100% satisfied. The huge added value of Ops Labs is the human skills, on top of the DevOps skills. We still work with Ops Labs and they are our ‘Go to DevOps’ for anything DevOps related”.

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